I am using an RCM 4120 that I have expanded the userblock to 24K.

Question: it seems that when writing to the userblock it typically takes about 3 seconds to finish a rather simple 10 byte write.

I am perfoming a single ‘write’ command:

writeUserBlock((unsigned)logPOINTER, (void*)log, 10);

where the logPOINTER is the memory location
and (void* )log is the char string to write

Note: I am only writing 10 bytes but the 3 second write time
seems extrememly long.

has anyone experienced this excessive write time ?


Just a follow up:

After changing the USERBLOCK size back to 8K

I found the write times are almost immediate.

I believe it must have to do with the way Dyn C uses the

writeUserBlock( ) command.

anyone else experienced this ?