Using TS8 with vintage BBS (Telnet to modem pool?)

Hi everyone…just picked up a TS8 for a little vintage computing project…

Could anyone point me in a configuration direction on how I might be able to setup the TS8 to receive telnet connections on a specific port, and then have the TS8 turn around and pass along these telnet sessions (up to 8 ) over to one of the 8 serial ports (which will be connected to a serial modem which will autodial a BBS?

This might sound like an oddball config…I had it working on a lucent portmaster a while back but it wasn’t quite ideal from a security standpoint, but the TS looks like it gives me some more scripting options that might make it more robust. After playing around with the TSand looking at the manual, I see how I can get the telnet session to work, and think I can get things working over to a specific serial port…but I don’t quite see how I can establish a pool of say 8 telnet sessions to pick one of the available 8 ports…

Any info is appreciated!


Yes, you can setup a hunt group in this scenario. This link should guide you: