virtual wire in a mesh network

Good afternoon,

I wonder if anyone knows how to configure a virtual wire mesh network? … I was using the 802.15.4 protocol and a set of parameters was MY, DL, IC, IR, IU, IA, but now the command IA no longer appears in the mesh network. I would also like to know if a coordinator device is the same like router device. or what is the difference between them? because the EC command only get the router device and end device in a mesh network. Thank you very much!


You posted this in DigiMesh - or you using DigiMesh or 802.15.4. 802.15.4 can function as ‘virtual wire’, DigiMesh probably cannot since broadcast doesn’t work repidly.

A coordinator is still a router, but (depending on setup) it may or may NOT announce itself if you are talking serially through it. So browing the XBee network via the coordinator may (or may not) show the coordinator.