Visual gdb crash watching large expressions

Hi there, I am using Visual gdb (Microcross Visual gdb 4.18i) to debug my applications. When trying to watch large expressions (watched a char array used as thread stack) the hole Visual gdb crashes (opened windows disappear). Watching an array size of 1024 took long but could still be displayed but a size of 2048 or 4096 resulted in Visual gdb crash. I there a limitation in size of watch expressions or is this just a bug of Visual gdb? Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks for any help. Roman

Your Insight version is very old. You can get a newer one (5.23) at

…Although if you are using a Win2K host the pre-compiled Insight binaries from used to be unstable… but they may have since re-built them with the problems fixed… BBFN Dave