Watchport V2

I would like to use the watchport V2 as a guide camera in a remote astronomy application and need to know if the lens thread is the same size as the 3-Com homeconnect.

ie. 12mm diameter with a very fine thread (sorry I dont have the threads per inch).


Yes, the lens thread is the same as the 3-Com homeconnect.

thanks Jeremy. Received the Watchport V3 today and plugged it straight into the AnywhereUSB/5 over a DLink DWL-G810 bridge. All the drivers are all supported by the astronomy software Im using. (Maxim DL, Guidedog, etc.).
I would like to calculate the field of view i will get with the camera attached to the scope. For this I need to know the CCD dimensions in mm or the pixel and array size. Could you please provide this.

Please send an e-mail to jmcbane (at) and I will reply with an Excel spreadsheet attachment that should have the information you’re looking for.