Watchport/V3 Webcam

I have two watchport/v3 webcams, and I’m having trouble getting them to be detected separately in programs. They both always show up as the same cam, instead of two of them in a list there is only one. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?


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It really depends on your software. If your software is able to have multiple instances of it running communicating to the cameras attached to the PC, there must be some type of configuration in that software to allow you to choose the camera that you want to use.

For example if you install our WatchportV3 direct show drivers we copy a file onto your system called watchport viewer. If you have two cameras attached, when you open up the software it will take the first camera available. If you open up another instance of the software it will automatically take the next camera available.

You can also see in that software where all the cameras are listed and you can choose which camera you want to be associated with that software session.

Please confirm that both cameras are installed correctly on your system by checking device manager. If it looks good in there check out the software in question in more detail. Look for something about multiple cameras.

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Mike Swift