What does "The device is not reachable" mean in XCTU?

Dear all,
I am working with XCTU, one Xbee module (S2) and one third party device (that is able to turn ON/OFF a light via Zigbee).
I am able to “see” the third party device in XCTU network managing tab but the device is represented in red. I’ve read in the XCTU help that it meant that the device is “unreachable”. What does it mean?

Also, when I am trying to send a Transmit Request message to the third party message (from XCTU or from a C++ program), the delivery status I get is “0x24” (= address not found). Which address does it talk about? Because in XCTU (in the network managing tab) I can actually get the SH, SL and network addresses.

Do anybody have a hint about why it is not working?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


If it is a third-party ZigBee device, then XCTU can recognize that there is a ZigBee radio based on the Network Discovery that was performed, but it cannot identify what it is. XCTU is only designed to work with Digi radios.

Can you provide the full transmit request API frame you are sending?