What drivers do I need to get an Xbee 900 to communicate on Windows 7 32 bit version?

I have two XBee 900 RPSMA modules that I would like to use on a drone with an Arducopter 2.6. The system must run at 32 bit to operate the ground station so I am using Windows 7 32 bit on my HP Pavillion G Laptop. When I try and download the drivers the com port always reverts back to FTDI and says the, “Drivers are up to Date”. However, the two XBee 900 modules will not talk with each other. I noticed some other people had similar problems and you sent them a special driver for Windows 7. Is there a 32 bit driver version and how should I download and install it?

What is the part number of the board you are mounting the radios on?

Are you not able to see or adjust the radios firmware in XCTU for either radio?