What is "RealPort Exclusive Mode"


In the PortServer TS 16 web interface, at the bottom of the “Advanced Network Settings” page, there’s an option “Enable RealPort Exclusive Mode”. What does this mean? The online help omits that option, and I searched through the various PDFs and there seems to be no mention of it.


Below is the description given in the online help of the PortServer TS 16:

Enable RealPort Exclusive Mode
Enabling RealPort Exclusive mode allows the Digi terminal server to close an existing RealPort connection and establish a new one immediately upon a new connection request from the same Host IP address of the old connection.

This is useful when RealPort is used over unstable wide area networks. It allows for faster connection recovery if the host detects the TCP socket failure and attempts to reconnect before the Digi terminal server has closed the old connection.

This setting should be used with caution when the host computer connects through a Network-Address-Translation (NAT) system - as more than one host could appear to have the same host IP.

You may be on an older firmware that does not have this listed in the online help.