What is Talkswitch?

Hi all,
I recently got linked with this community and I am sure that this will definitely help me out. Actually I am having a small business and want to install a talkswitch system in my office. So here are some questions that I would like to ask before installation: what is talkswitch? And how does it work in small business office and from where can I get it? Can anyone help me regarding to my query? Your information will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I also have a small business and I am using Talkswitch since two years. Basically TalkSwitch is the original all-in-one PBX telephone system for small business. Packed with amazing features, TalkSwitch systems improves your image, saves your money and keeps you connected everywhere.

With TalkSwitch, you connect the way you choose. It works with VoIP (Voice over IP) and the traditional telephone network, and you can choose IP or standard analog telephones. TalkSwitch PBX and IP PBX phone systems lets you work the way you want to.