What is the accuracy of the GPS on a WR41 4G mobile module?

What is the accuracy of the GPS within the 4G module on a WR41 compared to the dedicated Digi GPS optional card?

“Depends”. What cellular module are you talking about?

The GPS optional card used to be powered by a Ublox LEA-5S (50 Channel) but is now powered by a Ublox NEO-7M (56 Channel).

OK, so lets say a 4G module as fitted to a
WR41-L100-NE1-SW (EMEA)

compared to the current GPS option card.

The L1 GPS is passive GPS meaning the antenna socket does not provide any power to the external LNA commonly found in a GPS antenna. The GPS card is an active GPS meaning it provides the voltage to power the LNA meaning a much better signal.

There is a good explination in section 2.4 on page 7 of this document. https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/GPS-Antenna_AppNote_(GPS-X-08014).pdf