what is the firmware 8071 ?


I am new of this.
I have bought new module XBee Pro 900HP S3B (XBP9B-DM) and I wish
to make a Router or End Device.
Program XCTU suggests only four firmwares: 8067, 806A, 8070, 8071.
I can not understand, what protocol they are matched to?

When I made my Coordinator, there was phrase “ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT”
in the window “Function Set”. Due of that I think, my End Device must work
with Zigbee protocol, isn’t it?

But now, for module XBee Pro 900HP S3B, I see in this window only
“XBEE PRO 900HP 200K”.

My question is: where I can see type of protocol?

May be, the whole list of firmwares exists? Who knows, please
give me a link.

Now I loaded firmware 8071, and I thought it will be receiver,
but I see nothing in window “Terminal”. (If I type “+++”, I receive
the answer “OK”.) I tried roles “Router” and others - no results.
Is my protocol wrong?


8067, 806A, 8070, 8071 are all different (older to newer) versions of the same firmware. This is not ZB firmware, it is DigiMesh(DM) firmware which is Digi’s own proprietary firmware protocol. There is no separate “coordinator” firmware or “router” firmware or “end device” firmware. See http://www.digi.com/technology/digimesh/

You can see the release notes for this firmware at http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=5576&type=drivers under Firmware Updates. This document explains the difference between the versions.

Thank you for the quick answer!

Now my Coordinator (XPB24-ZB) works under firmware 20A7 (from USB-port of
another computer). Could I load him with some DigiMesh firmware?

If “not”, if I uderstood correctly, I should do:

  1. Connect another module XBee Pro 900HP S3B to USB-port of another computer.
  2. Run XCTU and to load firmware 8071 with role “INDIRECT MSG COORDINATOR”.
  3. After that my End Device (in my computer) will work (if Coordinator will
    send some data, i could see them in window “Terminal”).

Am I right?

The 900 HP is a Proprietary mesh based product in which it is a True peer to peer mesh where all nodes act as routers and there is no coordinator.

The Coordinator function (CE Command) is only used when communicating with sleeping nodes.

To send data to a specific node, just simply set the DL and DH of your transmitting module to the SL and SH of the receiving module. Then send the data. That is all there is to it.

Thank you very much, mvut!
Sorry for offtopic, may be it must be separate item.

I have took another module 900HP, loaded firmware 8071, role “STANDARD ROUTER”,
Network ID = 1234 (all as my reciever).
I have set DL, DH equal to SL, SH of reciever.

This module I have entered in IO Shield and then entered in Arduino UNO, which was
loaded earlier with scetch, sending time 1 time per second. (Yellow Led on Arduino
was blinking 1 time per second, then only little yellow “TX” was blinking on card
IO Shield 1 time per second.) All this construction is connected to computer 1.

My reciever is connected to computer 2 and is loaded with firmware 8071, role
“STANDARD ROUTER”, Network ID = 1234.
But I nothing see in window “Terminal”! (When I type “+++”, I see “OK”.)

What I did wrong?

Is blinking of “TX” the proof that seller works?
How I can be sure that seller works?