when there's no flash in the list... what can I do?

Hello everyone. I’ve got to compile a program for a self-made board, and I have a flash memory which is not in the list of the “Write to flash memory” window. What could I do? I need a straightforward solution (if it’s possible). The flash I’m using a Toshiba TC58FV(T/B)160FT, 16MBit (2x8 B/1x16), TSOP 48, NOR FLASH. I’m using Multi 4.0.1. Thanks in advance.

The “Autodetect All” feature should work for you. Altho in my case, since we have 2 Flash chips in parallel (each 16 bits wide) it only wrote to the first one, so when I looked at memory it would have 2 bytes of data and 2 bytes of 0xffff, alternating. So then I used the “Autodetect 32-bit” feature and that worked. nerfer