Why are resistors on one sensor affecting another?

I have an XBee series 2 set up as end point AT with AD0, AD1, AD2 and AD3 set to 2 (analog input). I believe the sleep cycle is 1 second off 100 ms on. My sensors are tmp36, a basic photocell or photoresistor with 22kO resistor between its + leg and the connection to AD0. And finally I have an ADXL 335 accelerometer using its x and y pins to go to AD2 and AD3 (there are also 2 10kO resistors to the - rail for each x and y).

My problem: when testing the photocell against a controlled light source, the accelerometer data is also affected. If I remove the photocell’s resistor, the accelerometer is no longer affected but the photocell’s readings are un-usable.

I use a 3.3v regulator for stable power with capacitors.

Do I need two separate regulator for the photocell?