WR11XT and proper value for rebootfails and lscnt

I would like to configure the values for the following parameters on a WRT11XT connected to Verizon network:

ppp 1 lscnt 20
ppp 1 rebootfails 20

What would be a proper set of values? I read 10 is good on one thread, while another thread suggested nothing less than 99.

Any guidance?

You have to try these for your situation

10 is very low and could cause problems if your network is slow to register and connect as you could be rebooting the router before it had even connect.

longer like 99 will take a long time so if your data is needed timely and there is a problem then it could be hour or so before the reboot recovers the router.

you should also use thes with other surelink settings to check the connection is live and not stail. this will also help to disconect PPP and uncremetn the counters that the 2 commands use

hope this helps