X-ctu framework update problem (xbee is dead !!)


i have xbee light and temp sensor and xstick
i tried to change the framework in the sensor over the air using x-ctu but while writing x-ctu stop responding and the sensor is not working anymore

if i unplug the xbee radio from the sensor and put it directly in a pc using xbee usb adapter and reflash aging is this will work or the sensor is dead

please help

If you reflash the XBee with the correct firmware, sensor will work.

thanx its works

Such kind of issues occurs when the XBee module inside sensor is not working properly.
You can take out the XBee module from sensor and put it on the interface boards and test it, if needed reflash the firmware.
Once module is reprogrammed and working with X-ctu, you can put it back to sensor and test.
Still if you are facing same problem then you need to contact Digi people.
Maybe they will issue RMA for your device.