X-CTU using Arduino on a Linux OS

Hello, I recently was able to install X-CTU (using WINE) on a Ubuntu 12.04 PC.
I can access the modules using the linked USB port(s) and X-CTU works as expected.
However, I have not been able to set up X-CTU to communicate when using a Arduino UNO
board. I am able to access the module when using a simple Linux terminal program, but
not using X-CTU. I have attempted this including removing the Atmel micro and just u
using the USB portion of the Arduino board.

Does anyone have any solutions?
Thanks in advance.


I have not tested X-CTU with WINE, but I can recommend an X-CTU-like application that runs natively in Linux. Try with Moltosenso’s Iron. If it also fails, the problem migth be in the board and not in the OS.