Xbee and Automotive use

I’m using a Zigpro set of radios in conjunction with a pic, and PC to create a wireless datalogging computer.

basically i have a circuit board with a pic, that takes in wired signals from sensors placed throughout the car. the pIc then converts the signals to digital and transmitts the signal wirelessly to a PC which records the data.

The system works great when the vehicle is off, but as soon as i start the car, the transmission stops.

does anyone have any experience our insight with using these radios in this type of fashion.

thanks in advance.

Could be emited RF noise - some cars (especially older ones) for example create a ‘buzz’ on cheap transister radios. If that’s the case, Xbee might not work unless you wrap your engine in aluminum foil! :slight_smile:

But if you are powering the xbee from the 12vdc battery system, it could also be noise on the DC power or DC ground. That you can fix by adding heavy filtering - capactitor and inductors. I can promise a simple 10uF E-cap won’t be enough.

i think if you search the web for car enthuiast ‘electronic project’ blogs and info, then you’ll see examples of the level of filtering required.