XBee and Lanc Protocol Communication.

Not sure if there is a clever way to approach this… But I’m wanting to make a wireless connection for a Lanc Video controller. Does anyone think its possible to do it with out using a micro controller? Maybe some how just let the master and slave Lanc devices transparently communicate thought the xbees?

Lanc works as an Master and slave synchronous communication. The master (video camera) sends 8 start bits, and in bytes 0-3 the slave (camera controller) sends 8 bit commands to the master (video camera), then in 4-7 the master (video camera) sends back info to the slave (camera controller). It does all of this on on a single wire.
A link to more info on Lanc Protocol. http://www.boehmel.de/lanc.htm

I’m hoping I might be able to bypass wishing a micro controller to keep the project simple.

I have been looking into the idea of using the 2x DIOs for passing back and forth. But I’m not sure how to keep the read of from one DIO from interfering with the read of the other DIO on the other end… I hope that kind of makes sense.?.?

Thanks for any input or ideas!

Your only hope in this is that LANC, according to the link you provided, is “The timing conforms to RS232 at 9600 Baud.” Which the Digi radios of any of type support. You might be able to do this with pre configured radios doing unicast mode. Worth the effort to try. The Digi DIO will only support a 50 Hz max data rate, nowhere close to 9600 baud. The Programmable S2B Xbee could be bit banged to mimic this data pattern…

Thanks for the help Mike!