Xbee API + Ethernet Shield Problem HTML communication

Hi everybody, I’m french and I come to you because I deployed a network of xbee ( Api) Série 1 Pro with sensors of temperature LM35DZ. Indeed, I use the analogical input of xbees to get back the various temperatures. Every room contains a xbee, in receiver I have another xbee which gets back all the packages of transmitters. To see the temperatures, I use an arduino + ethernet shield to convert its packages in decimal values and send it on a HTML page. The acquisition matches a small moment then at the end of a few days the HTML page does not generate any more (it stays in perpetual research).

Why the acquisition matches a few days and after my page does not generate any more?
Does my receiver continue to receive data from the other XBee’s? or it’s my server which doesn’t respond after few days?

Thanx you very much