XBEE Development board with microcontroller

Just got a XBee development board with microchip controller PIC18F14k50 from ebay.com. I want to use it as a sensor. I need rewrite PIC18F14K50. Which firmware is better to use in XBEE, AT or API?

You can use either. It really depends on what you want to do. if you want to just become familiar with XB, then I would say flash as AT, and get some basic commands working that way, such as a simple, short character string such as “ATND”, etc.

Once you have a feel for things, you can always switch to API mode, and learn how to send character arrays which are comprised of the bytes found in a typical API frame. This is useful (API) becasue it allows more flexibility in how you tallk to your sensors and the information you can get back. I hope that answers your question!