Xbee - End Device and Binding AT Command Sets ...


I am currently working on a set of wrapper classes in Delphi to encapsulate the functionality necessary to build PC based ZigBee Coordinators and End Devices. For Delphi insiders amongst you, I am developing a TZigBeeCoordinator and a TZigBeeEndDevice class, which will allow me to use a PC both as a ZigBee Coordinator as well as a ZigBee End Device. The classes incorporate a driver based mechanism to potentially communicate with a range of ZigBee transceivers, Digi’s XBee being the first in line. C# and C++ equivalents will follow, once the Delphi based classes are finished and tested.

To implement (register rather) the end points on a XBee, I found the E+, E- and EV AT commands. Regarding binding, I found the B+, B-, BV and WB AT commands. I know that these commands exist, have seen them being mentioned in the product manuals and have played with them a bit. But I can’t find any thorough description on them in the existing documentation to properly use them, as is the case with the other AT commands. Did any one of you come across any description of the E+, E-, EV, B+, B-, BV and WB AT commands or does any one of you have a clue what their syntax is?

Hans Vledder
The Netherlands