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Hello everybody!
I’m working on a wireless project using Xbee radios.
The project consist in 2 xbee PRO, 1Xbee shield , 1lilypadxbee, 1lilypad Arduino, 10 square led.
The goal is to switch ON/OFF the 10 leds that are solder on a dress.

To send the On OFF signal I use a Midi man plugged in a Mac computer, that sends midi notes directly to the xbee shield (through a midi jack connected to the shield)
The 1st xbee plugged to the xbee shield have to send midi signal to the 2nd xbee plugged to the lilypadxbee.
Then the lilypadxbee resend the signal to the lilypad arduino (links to the Lilypadxbee) where the 10 leds are connected to the respective pins.

I tried to make it work once,2 months ago, and the leds responded well.

Now I’ll tried to make it work, but something is missing.

I reconfigure the 2 Xbee with a midi boudrate 7A12.
Even if the midi man sends signals the xbee is not able to read it.

Maybe I think that the usb drivers are not jet to the computer (even if I istalled it a lot of times)

Where is the mistake?

Plus did someone knows a xbee soft that is capable to comunicate between to xbee even if I’m not using a custom boud rate? (that we usually fond in XCtu or cool term).

Thank You everybody

I’m quite desperate

Truly, X-CTU is the best to use. Even it is provided by Digi Free of cost. And also it is supported.

yes but do not support the comunication with MIDI boudrate

I don’t know what is MIDI? But XBee supports all the standard and non-standard baud rates.

The MIDI baud rate is 31250 (decimal) which is exactly as you said. I wonder whether the Mac hardware can generate that rate - PC hardware generally can’t, but I’m not up to date with modern Macs.

You could try setting the XBee that’s connected to the Mac to have a standard baud rate of 38400, and of course set the Mac to the same rate. Leave the remote XBee at 31250 and see what happens.