Xbee Pro and Xbox 360 controller

I’ve seen from a few places that people are able to use their xbox 360 controller, their laptop and an xbee to transmit control signals to another xbee. I would like to do this with a robot I’ve been building but I have no Idea where to start. Any one have any ideas?

I’m pretty sure the Xbox 360 controllers just show up as a standard game controller with drivers provided by Windows at least…so depending on your language of choice, you just have to look up how to read input from attached game controllers.

For the XBees…you can configure them based on the manuals to basically act like a wireless serial cable. You can use one of the USB methods of plugging an XBee into your PC, and it will show up as a serial port. When you write to the serial port, the data will be written out the remote XBee if configured correctly. You’ll have a microcontroller on the robot reading input from this XBee.

Once you have this setup…you have some program on the PC that reads input from the game controller, translates it into some protocol to send over the serial port, writes it out to the XBee. The microcontroller then reads the transmitted data from the XBee through the serial interface, and controls the robot accordingly.

Thanks. Any ideas on the what program might read the xbox controller and write it out to the xbee?

It’s possible there might be some sort of game controller to serial project out there, but I think it’s pretty likely you’ll have to write your own simple app to capture the input from the controller and write it out the serial port.

What language are you most proficient with? You’ll likely need to find some library or support for reading game controllers in that language, and then writing the app to grab the inputs and write it out through serial.


Download their ‘flowstone’ package.

In the space of an evening you can learn enough to drag a 360 controller interface onto a layout, wire it to a comm port and bob’s your auntie and trigger the transmission cyclicly or on a change.

If you have any trouble with the layout I’ll knock one up for you.

I discovered flowstone a week ago and I am blown away by the functionality!

How we can write the game controllers in the required language…