XBee-PRO cannot achieve max link range

I’m trying to develop an application with an XBP24-DKS KIT,
I’ve started from MAC “802.15.4 wireless uart demo” without any modification. A couple of Xbee pro module loaded one with device demo and the other with coord demo can establish the link in short distance(up 300meters), but if I reload XBEE-PRO 802.15.4 v10A5 firmware in both modules,the link range grows up 500meters. I’ve followed all instruction about generating program template with the Freescale Beekit, and build the aplication with Codewarrior and I’ve loaded it with X-CTU, Why I cannot achieve maximun link range?.

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What steps you take to load the project CodeWarrior in XBee module?

I used the template projet generated with Beekit(v1.5), SMAC UART demo.
I partialy solved that, I explored source code, and I found that the template don’t activate some #define in xbee.h file, and I modified a constant INIT_POT, to increase transmition power
Maxstream, Digi now, totaly desapoint me, because they don’t give any support for code devolpment