Xbee-PRO Crashes

I am using the xbeepro utilising the Association indicator feature. The LED flashes which indicates to me that the RF module works.
I had a situation where the Transmitter wasn’t working and noticed that the LED wasn’t flashing but remained ON. Is it possible that radio interference from a nearby taxi company could somehow set the xbeepro to command or program mode and then just “hang”. the unit had been switched off and ON several times but it didn’t rectify the problem. However removal of the xbeepro from the main PCB and then plugging it back in did fix the problem. the range was still limited to 10 metres possibly due to the constant RF interference form the taxi radio mask. We also had minmum range whilst using the RX near overhead high voltage power lines.
Can the xbeepro on powerup be made not to default in RX mode,
Any ideas

Seems like xbee is not able to find Coordinator… Check AI value at that time.

I have been notified of another similar problem.
Our transmitter has buttons 1 to 20, a range test button as well as a ARM and UNARM button. Pressing the range test button sends a signal to the receiver. If it’s withing range a white LED lights up. However when we hit the ARM button the Receiver did not respond. It had done so in the past. The Xbee PRO is a complex device and I am wondering if I am using all the parameters necessary to make the device work without failures??.