XBEE PRO rs422 full duplex Point to Multipoint

Hi all
I’am trying to link several RS422 slaves with a Master (datalogger). Connection is full duplex RS422 at 57600 8N1 baud with no Flow Control.
I’am using 2.4 GHz Pro modules. Point to Point configuration (Router At with Router At defining specific destination address of both units) works ok.
As I need to link more than a slave when I change the master’s destination address to DH=0 and DL=0000FFFF (broadcast) the link has no success.
Using a third unit to listen to tx/rx activity I can see correct data exchange between master and slave1.
It seems as the link would work during data transmission but an error appears when no data is being received/transmitted . Idle state of RS422 should be verified?
Has someone experienced with this kind of point to multipoint (or Mesh) with full duplex RS422 connection?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Hans,

Could you please be more specific on what modules, firmware, version and settings are you using? This is a quite strange case. Best regards,

I was thinking that the XBEE modules don’t work full duplex, can’t receive/transmit
at the same time (?)