Xbee Scent Generator - Anyone know which terminals to solder onto?

I am currently trying to wire several Glade Sense and Spray air fresheners together for an art installation. I am new to using Xbee and came across the tutorial by Rob Faludi about how to do this. However he uses a slightly different model by Glade. Would anyone know by looking at the circuit board which terminals are to be used?

Here is a link to his photos on the tutorial:

And here is a link to an image of the board I am using:

Any help would be really helpful


I can’t see clearly enough on your photos but on Robs ones it looks like he has soldered to the pins on the switch. I.e. the underside of the board where the push button is has two pins from the button which he has attached his wires to to bring out the connection in parallel with the switch.


Thanks Peter

I will give that a try and see how it works.


I’ll also want to see its working… So will try this…