Xbee series 1 & ANT+

Is it possible to upload a profile to the Xbee series on (802.15.4) firmware via XCTU that would allow interfacing with the 802.15.4 ANT+.

I would need to setup the Xbee as a slave with the following profile;

Channel Type: Slave (0x00)
The environment sensor is a master device; therefore, the display device must be configured as the slave. Bidirectional communication is required.

Network Key: ANT+ Managed Network Key
The ANT+ Managed Network Key is governed by the ANT+ Managed Network licensing agreement.

RF Channel: Frequency 57 (0x39)
RF Channel 57 (2457MHz) is used for the ANT+ environment device

Transmission Type: 0 for pairing
The transmission type must be set to 0 for a pairing search. Once the transmission
type is learned, the receiving device may remember the type for future searches.
To be future compatible, any returned transmission type is valid. Future versions of
this spec may allow additional bits to be set in the transmission type.

Device Type: 25 (0x19)
25 (0x19) – indicates search for an ANT+ environment device.

Device Number: 1 – 65535 0 for searching
Set the Device Number parameter to zero to allow wildcard matching. Once the
device number is learned, the receiving device should remember the number for
future searches.

Channel Period: 65535 or 8192 counts
Data is transmitted from the environment device every 8192/32768 seconds (4 Hz)
or 65535/32768 seconds (0.5 Hz) and must be received at this rate.

Search Timeout: (recommended =45 seconds)
The recommended search timeout is set to 45 seconds in the receiver. This allows
sufficient time for a 0.5 Hz master to be found.

Thank you for your hints and suggestions

ANT is a proprietary protocol to ANT wireless. I don’t think you can get an 802.15.4 Public profile device to work on a proprietary network.