Xbee series 2 loosing conncetion


I have an HA profile based network and one Xbee PRO series 2 component. I am using firmware 26A2 and everything works fine for an undefinite period of time. After some time it looses connection with the coordinator and I need to do a permit join for it to start communicating again. How can I detect what is causing the problem?



Try the newer 26A7 - XCTU should download that from the web-button. The 2xA2 is an unreleased firmware.

I don’t understand HA, but 1 common problem with any end-devcie is if they do not ‘beacon’ the parent often enough, the parent discards their resource and disowns the child. So that would be my first guess - the Digi isn’t waking/talking enough to remain associated to the parent.

So either wake the Digi S2 more often, or adjust the parent timeouts to accomodate the S2 more.

the end device is sleeping for 2 min and transmits for 3 seconds. All other devices work fine and they only transmite (some of them) in 2 hours periods. Do you think that if I transmite for a superior amout of time, this problem will be solved?

And the firmware I am using is the 28A7 :slight_smile: