XBee Series 2 Z.Net Router is sending two times same massage in a second

I set up a network with xbee series 2 modules. I have a problem about router on my network. The router is sending identical message two times in a second but i couldn’t understand why it does.

End devices’ and router’s configurations are the same on my network, can these configurations cause the problem?

Is there anybody encounter the same problem? How can i do fix this problem?


you should have one coordinator in your network with itself configuration and one router or end device.you should define 16bit address(my=0)in coordinator.

I know that configurations, every thing right about the network, it’s working very good but sometimes(maybe 1-2 times a day) the router is sending identical message two times.

I didnt find any reason, and i solved the problem on my server programme but router is same…