XBEE Series1 18dBm Router Options

I need hi power 802.15.4 modules. I have been using the XBEE Series 1 module with 18dBm xmit power.

I also need capability for a mains powered repeater unit to extend the range between a COORD and an END node(s) by placing them in a ‘bucket brigade’ setup.

I understand that the Ember based XBEEs with 18dBm xmit power are not avail yet.

  1. Has the ZigBee stack for the XBEE Series 1 modules been obsoleted? I assume I would be able to simply config the repeater as a ROUTER and run COORD & END in API mode.

  2. Is there any way to make an XBEE Series 1 18dBm module be a repeater?

  3. If 2) is not feasible, I have a uC in my current repeater design… any app notes avail on code to make a repeater using an 802.15.4 XBEE module?

  4. Any update on when 18dBm Ember stack based models will be avail? Looking for Qty 500.

The digimesh firmware for the series 1 modules has been released. I have not tried it on the series 1 but it worked for me on the Xbee 900/

A link to the firmware page: