Xbee WiFi 12 bit or 10 bit ADCs onboard?

Part of the reason I bought the XBee WiFi was to use in a stand alone application and use the onboard ADCs.

After working with it, and doing the math, it appears the ADCs are 10 bit.

All the working documentation (manuals, etc) treat them as 10 bit. However the product specs, which one normally looks at before buying states 12 bit. This is a big difference, 1024 vs 4096 steps in a 2500 mV window is a big deal.

Here is the link to the specs

any thoughts ?

I believe that product is 10 bit and not 12 bit.

That is your answer… I mean its advertised as 12 bit , so sorry , no its 10 bit ?

I assume you work for DiGi , “:Your” response is not near adequate