Xbee with 60 nodes

I would like to build up an Xbee network.

I would be using version 1 Xbee’s.
1 Xbee module is connected via RS232 with a pc.
I’ll have 60 modules where the Xbee is connected to the UART of the uC.
The Xbee’s are used in transparent serial moe (so not the API mode)
Each uC has its own ‘unique device ID’.
The idea is that the pc sends a broadcast over the xbee to all 60 modules. The message includes the unique device ID, and the module that has this unique device Id should respond with an answer. The others, of course, have to be silent.

So it will be some kind of point-to-multipoint on wireless RS232.

Can anybody tell me if such a setup would work? Also for such a high number of xbee nodes?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, this should work work very well. The nodes can all be used in their default peer to peer addressing. When one radio transmits, the message will be received by all radios in range. When any of the uC responds, that message will also be heard by all modules in range. Because your application is providing the addressing, the radios can be used at default with little configuration.

Because of the way your addressing is set up, you are creating a multidrop network, which could support any number of end nodes, as long as they are all within range of the base node.