XBees Series 1 and Layer 3 Protocols like OLSR


I’ m working for a research center, where we want to perform experiments involving the OLSR protocol {http://olsr.org/git/olsrd.git}. So, we need a mechanism that goes upon the 802.15.4 module and gives to it an IPv6 identity, using the 6LowPan mechanism. This can be done using the “wpan-tools” package {http://wpan.cakelab.org/#_download}. Unfortunately, the XBee S1 chipset is not among the supported ones.

Is there any way to find and install software (e.g. a kernel driver module) in a way that the XBee modules will become visible/accessible by the Layer3, via simple “ifconfig” and “iwconfig” actions, like a conventional WiFi interface ?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

That is not a function that the XBee currently support. You will need to see if a 3rd party option exits for that.

Thanks for your immediate response,

Actually we have found such a third party module, but was not our first thought not to use the XBees (Series 1), that we are familiar with and work fine, in conjunction with raspberry pi units …

If you look at the link you provided, all of the products that support it have a SPI port on them. The XBee 802.15.4 and its related Freescale processor don’t offer a SPI port.