XCTU program update: Allow PC Keyboard press 'a' down then automatically acknowledge that the 'a' key was let go "unpressed"

Just a long shot here, holding my breath… Is there a way for XCTU to ackowledge that when i hold down the ‘a’ key on my PC laptop for a certain amount of time it would keep (alive) that keypress and when i “let it go” unpress the ‘a’ key on my PC laptop it would (stop). I am trying to use the xbee’s to control a robot and would like the same function as a standard game control on any online game/ joystick without the xtra hardware. This would be huge for Digi… Using XBee series 1 from sparkfun. More sales revenue and outright word of mouth experiences for your product. Not to mention, that is what I thought that it would accomplish when using XCTU. Thanks for your replies in advance.

Maybe you have already thought of this or have already answered, in case of that would you direct me in the right place to look. Thank you for responding.

Hello techdetect, I am not sure about what would you expect X-CTU to do when it detects when a key is pressed and released. You mean that an ‘a’ character should be sent as fast as possible while key is pressed?