Xml parser and array size

I’m using the sax parser that comes with the development kit to handle my xml parsing needs and for the most part, it’s working great.

I currently have a tcp listener waiting for any incoming tcp connections. When a connection comes in, I read the data that comes in (which is XML) and put it into a character array which is then passed to the sax parser…and here is where my problem comes in.

I started out with a 2Kb character array and that worked fine, but as it turns out, we have some larger xml docs that may be coming in.

I tried to increase the size of my char array, but when I did, my Connect ME started going nuts. I stops responding when I’m stepping through my program and when I tell the debugger to stop it says “No response from target.” and lets me detach from target and stop debugging.

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the size that I can have for a char array? Obviously I know that I can’t have one that’s bigger than my total memory, but I didn’t think 3Kb would be pushing that limit.

Also, how can I find out how much memory my current image is using when it’s running?

Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.