XSC constantly sending some HEX counter

After initializing my XSC chip it starts sending some 7 or 8 character HEX up count continuously through the serial channel back to my micro controller. Does anyone know what this is and how to turn it off.
Here are the commands I send. ID & DT are sent with a variable network number. This is my Master XSC which never sleeps but talks to 16s sleeping XScs.
“+++”, // Enter Command Mode
“ATSM0\r”, // No sleep mode
“ATRO14F\r”, // RO (Packetization Timeout) Command [x 200 µs] max 64bytes per packet 335=14F
“ATID”, // ID VendorID
“ATDT”, // Destination Address
// HP - Hop Table 2
// LH - Wake-up Initializer Timer = 16.1s 0xA1 161 was 8.1s 0x51 = 81
// HT - Time before Wake-up Initializer = 1.6 sec 0x10 = 16
// Parameter should be set to match the inactivity timeout
// [specified by ST (Time before Sleep) Command in the slaves]
“ATWR\r”, // Write to save
“ATSL\r”, // Read LSW Serial Number
“ATSH\r”, // Read MSW Serial Number
“ATCN\r” // Exit Command Mode