XTend powered via battery - Is Solar required


I have a application that requires a XTend modem used as a repeater in a outdoor location with temperature conditions -40 to +50 . There is no local power source, so I am looking at battery power. The receive/transmit times are very periodic. One burst of activity per day for approximately one minute. The rest of the time the unit wil be in doze/sleep mode. Has anyone had any experience with battery powered installations. Do I need a solar trickle charger. I realize this is a question more suited to a battery supplier, just looking for some help.

Attached is the power spreadsheet, and it looks like I can use a good 9V battery. Am I reading something wrong ?

The following is a website on batteries http://www.powerstream.com/9V-Alkaline-tests.htm



Hi this is Peter.

I noticed the spreadsheet didn’t attach so I am trying it again.