ZB module doesnt work in end device mode via SPI?

Hi, there is problem with ZB module (fw 4016).
I use simple solution with controller + ADC + ZB module connected via SPI.
Controller works as SPI master and it talks with ADC and then sends API packets (1 packet per 1 second) via ZB module. All works fine until ZB module works as router. When I try to change its role to End device (SM=4), module hangs at all. Even after reset ZB module, it hangs after any incoming API command, even if try only to get data from it. Where should i search the problem?
It’s possible that problem happens when I try to communicate with module when it is not connected to net, but I tried to connect RESET pin on controller to On/Sleep out on ZB module. So, when ZB modules wakes up it powers up the controller. And it changes nothing :(.

The scheme uses CS pins to select external ADC and ZB module to communicate, and I added simple solution with one transistor (for invertion) and two diodes and resistor (as “AND” logic element) to switch off SCK signal when CS is high for ZB module. So, when the controller communicates with the ADC, SCK doesn’t clock to ZB.

PS: ZB module “hangs” - it means that ZB does not respond to any command and On/Sleep indicator doesnt change its state, and associate indicator doesnt blink as usual.