Zigbee Linux Gateway

hello all,

I’m new to this exciting *bee world and I’m going to try to reach the following scenario:

  • N zigbee w/ sensors for pollution measurement sending data in direct I/O way at fixed time (i.e. once per hour) -> end devices
  • 1 zigbee gateway mounted on a Linux machine (alix.3d2 mobo + wifi + zigbee usb shield), connected to Internet -> coordinator

the zigbee modules should be the series 2 model

the gateway should collect the data sent from the zigbee sensors and write them to a mysql db on Internet. Then a various list of devices will access the stored data through a website. Eventually warning/alarms should happen if certain data levels are bypassed.

Is there a way to do this and which are the main Linux mounting tools to use?

I’ve seen the meshlium device, and it seems to do in a certain way what I’talking about, but I’d prefer to proceed on my own way and to share every single success reached.

kind regards