Zigbee Profile

Hello everyone,

When we use the ZS command, there are 3 possible values : 0, 1, 2. What are the profiles that correspond with these values?

Thank you!

Hello Zigbee man,

In the ZS command:

0 - Digi’s specific profile;
1 - Zigbee - 2006;
2 - Zigbee - PRO FEATURE SET.


Thanks Rogerio. I use some ZB24-B modules to create a Mesh network for my application. So which profile should I set?

Zigbee man,

You should use digi’s specific profile if you’ll work with digi products, zigbee 2006 and 2007 Pro feature set are both to interoperate, being that neither of them communicate themselves, digi’s profile, 2006 and 2007.

Best regards.