1 XBee handles wireless programming + remote control, Arduino?


I am working on a project using an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 V 8 mHz, along with an XBee wireless module. Basically a remote control. The XBee is used to communicate with another XBee on a robot.
However, I also want to be able to wirelessly program the Pro Mini in the remote control, and be able to wirelessly debug to a computer. I know that I’ll need an XBee connected to my computer also.

Basically, I want 1 XBee connected to an Arduino that can act as both a wireless programmer and a wireless transceiver to other XBees. This XBee should also be able to send serial data back to the computer and debug.
I’ll probably have a switch that let’s the Arduino know if the XBee should be in ‘controller’ mode or ‘computer communication’ mode.

My question is, how can I configure the Arduino/XBee to handle both these tasks? And what about the computer side of the setup?
And best way to handle wireless debug?

I was thinking that during normal operation, the XBee would act normally and transmit data from the Pro Mini, but when I initialize programming, the XBee would reset the Pro Mini and commence programming.

But… that would mean that the XBee in the controller would have to communicate with 2 other XBees, one on the computer and one in the robot. I could overcome this by using the same XBee in the robot and the computer, just swapping between where I need them.

I’ve read tutorials on wireless programming with XBee, but I haven’t seen mention of the XBee also acting as a normal transceiver when programming is not occurring.