5700 memory / IO map?

In one of the sample programs there is this code:

// Make Port A bit-wide output
BitWrPortI( SPCR, &SPCRShadow, 1, 2 );
BitWrPortI( SPCR, &SPCRShadow, 0, 3 );

Obviously SPC is some kind of configuration port… I want to make sure PB is setup the same… I’ve looked through all the PDFs I have including the 5700UM and I don’t see any documentation on what these special registers do.

Where do I find this info?

SPCR is the slave port control register. It’s documented in the Rabbit 5000 Microprocessor User’s Manual.

Are you using the slave port, or just trying to set ports A & B to be outputs?

If you want to set all Parallel Port B bits to output, you would write 0xFF to PBDDR (also documented in the same manual).

Thank you…

However I have document RC5700UM.pdf 2.8 mb in size. I’ve read every page and I see NOTHING on that register or any of the special registers. Do I have the right document? Is there a page I’m somehow missing when I press next, next, next in my PDF viewer?

This document covers the layout of the boards, how to install the 5700 module. How to connect cables, install Dyn C, run a few sample programs and it gives a list of features. There is nice pinout of the 5700 module. But I see nothing that gives me these registers, what they mean, etc… There is good coverage of the boards in the deluxe development kit.

For example with this manual I would not have a clue how to enable serial communication on a particular set of pins. I can and have looked at the myriad sample programs but like in the code in my first post there is often a short comment but nothing else about use of a particular register.

I found this also to be true regarding the rabbit web stuff. I could find nothing in help on the “SSPEC_RESOURCE_…” stuff. I was able to accomplish what I needed by playing around.

Thank you for the hint on how to turn PB in outputs… That is what I want to do. But rather than ask dumb questions… where do I find the documents I need?

I’ve done a load of MicroChip programming and I have to say that when I down load a PDF of a particular model chip I have EVERYTHING that I need to program that chip for every possible mode.

I realize the 5700 is more complex and maybe requires several PDFs… but they should be available easily. When I go to the RCM5700 product page I see a Data Sheet, Users Manual (same as I have), Schematic, Dyn C manual. It seems and I hate to say this because I really like the modules, poorly documented by comparison.

Just to be sure I was not going crazy I downloaded the 5700 UM from the product page and read it again. Nothing on SPCR… In fact nothing I could find at all about how to configure the various features of each port. I have to assume this is the “users guide” and somewhere there is a true “manual” that documents all of this stuff. But where!?

Ok I was able to find the 5000 processor users manual. I find it strange that there was no easy link to it on the 5700 product page.