8 bits data zigbee transmit - 6 bytes received


I’m using the new digi Rf module S2D (Zigbee).

Going through the datasheet, I noticed that a ZigBee Transmit Request allows 8 bytes of RF data whereas ZigBee Receive Packet only provide 6 bytes of RF data.

How does it work ? The 8 bytes of the RF Data are split at the reception ?


Can you provide the page numbers and links to the documentation you are seeing this at? I suspect this is a typo in the documentation.

I was looking at page 158 and 148 where exemples give respectively 6bytes and 8 bytes of data.

Then I understood that it is only an exemple. In fact, Data can be longer or shorter in both messages. I guess, the length are defined with the maximal length of a UART command message.