900HP S3B, DIO1-UART Data Indicator[6], How does it work?

I can not find any information about how the I/O setting for DIO1 - UART DATA Indicator works. I connected an LED to the pin (TH - 19) and it seems not to be obvious as to how this pin works in this mode. I am using the 900HP S3B as an Indirect Message Poller[4], with Assync. Cyclic Sleep Pin Wake[5]. I would like to use the UART Data present indicator to indicate (interrupt) the host that there is data present rather than have to wake and wait a period every poll to see if data is presented to the Serial buffer. Any insight would be appreciated, is there a document?


Have you configured parameter “D1” to value 0x6 and write it on to module’s memory?

Yes, D1 (DIO1) is configured for UART Data Indicator[6] via XCTU. The xbee is configured as for asynchronous sleep with pin wake and indirect message poller.

I am trying to work out how this pin should be handled by the host controller.

Thank you for your input and any further information you might be able to provide.

Regards, Craig.