9210 dies randomly

I have several 9210s running that die at random times. They lockup with both LEDs lit.

I have managed to get one to lock up on the debugger and have determined that it is in an interrupt somewhere. (The debugger says that all my threads are still valid, but the ApplicationThread dies - since that thread is in idle state with tx_thread_suspend(), it must be an interrupt.)

The only interrupt that I have is SPI, and that is so simple that I can’t see where it could be messing up. (All I do is copy the incoming data to a buffer using a for loop - no library calls to memcpy() or anything like that.)

Anyone with ideas? I have been working on this for a while and am fresh out.


At the end of most of the default applications there is a tx_thread_suspend() in applicationStart(). Are you sure your application hasn’t just hit that?

When the ME dies is looooong after it hits the tx_thread_suspend(). It dies at a random point between five minutes and a month. Usually within a few days.

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