Acceleport Ras 8 -- recording user times

Hello to any who may be able to answer this.

Currently running a W2K server with a Acceleport Ras 8, Everything working slick… very impressed with the product. But i have my users dialing into the box, which then gives them the ability to surf off of my i-net connection, If i enable the logging, of the ports, i can see when they connected. But i get a ton of info which i dont need i, and have to search through huge txt files to find any of this information out. Does anyone know of a script or software that would manage the times and users so i can print and bill off this? right now i am using the logging built into windows 2000, anybody got any suggestions or ideas i can try or look into.
Thanks Adam

I have not heard of anyone using the output for billing purposes. Hopefully, someone with more application experience can give you more info. This is similar in many respects to how some of the old BBS systems operated.
You may want to try and research some old BBS software for ideas on how to bill or extract only the required info.