AccelePort RAS4 in Windows 2003 64-bit

Anybody have any luck using an AccelePort RAS4 card in a server running the 64-bit version of Windows 2003 Server? When I try and install the driver, Windows tells me that the location does not have a suitable driver for the device. The board was working fine in another server running Windows 2000 Server.

Any thoughts?

Sorry, no 64 bit Windows drivers are available for this adapter. No Windows 64 bit drivers are planned.

Any thoughts for a replacement board? We need 4 to 8 analog lines for RAS access.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend an exact replacement, as fewer options for modems exist each year. However, you may want to consider the USB connected modems called Rapidport. I’m not sure if there are 64 bit Windows drivers available, however. The Rapidport is supported by different techs and engineers.
I sent them an email to check and just heard back - no 64 bit Windows drivers currently. No comment about the future. So it looks like your options are shopping for a different product or using a 32 bit version of a Windows OS in at least 1 PC.

Alrighty, looks like we’re keeping one of those older machines around with a 32-bit version of Windows on it. Thanks for all the information, I really appreciate it!