Adding ASCII String to a URL

I have a 5700 and have been plowing through handreds of examples.
I want to capture an ASCII string of about 40 chracters and then add this string to a URL e.g. “$asciistringof40chracters” then send it as a normal client’s request.
This will emulate what a server “sees” when a HTML “Form” sends some field data. At the server end I’ll use a .ASP page to collect the data and process it.
Can anyone point me to specific examples that might help me please. I am on a sharp learning curve with Dynamic C

This is a basic example of one way to do it.

auto char WebTXData[1024];
auto char CapturedStringData[128];


// slap this on the end of WebTXData

now you can use the method to send WebTXData to your remote.